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Olivia was essentially starting from scratch! She was fortunate enough that she hadn't needed to apply to a job in 15 years. She was leaving her career with an established corporation to pursue a career as a solo consultant. She needed a great pitch for herself.

How Erica, a CVNow Writer, Helped Olivia

Olivia filled out our questionnaire to get started, and packed it full of useful information to help get us started. She outlined what she was having problems with, such as "How do I boast about this award?" "What should be the first thing I say about job X?" "Can you add a visual to summarize my qualifications?" The questionnaire is the first stop for all our clients, but we needed some real depth from her and spent a lot more time with it.

I was really happy to spend a lot of time with Olivia customizing her pitch and not just her list of qualifications. I helped draft her LinkedIn Profile and two different cover letter types that she could use with prospective clients. We had already done all the work to identify who she was and what she wanted, so I was glad we could give her such a complete branded package!

Her Own Words

The Package

Olivia bought the Executive Level Package. This package guarantees that a top CPRW Certified Writer will quickly return a first draft, as well as the following benefits:

  • Specially designed package to present your management skills and promote you as a leader!
  • Personal Engagement - In-depth understanding of your managerial skills and experience.
  • Executive keywords - The right keywords to highlight your expertise and decision making abilities.
  • Executive layout - Formatting that will highlight your managerial skills.
  • Three revisions - We will incorporate your comments on the rewritten versions.
  • 60-day interview guarantee - We re-write your CV again if you do not get an interview within 60 days.

The first step to getting hired is getting your CV in professional shape. Our CV writers are the best in the industry and we guarantee your satisfaction. Start getting more interviews and job offers with a professionally written and formatted CV.

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Olivia's Story is Hardly Unique

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